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Celayir Zeytin

I am Olive

Sometimes I symbolized life, sometimes peace, and sometimes victory. I informed you that Noah's flood was over. I bring both health and taste to your tables. You broke your fast with me first. I was always green for you. I brought health and abundance with my grains. I am your oldest and most useful friend, do not miss me from your table.

Yeni Hasat

Our story

Our olive growing journey, which started by the late Nazım Celayir in the early 1960s, continues as the second generation under the umbrella of Celayir Olive Food Limited Company in a corporate structure as it approaches its 65th year.

Our company, which has increased its production quality and capacity over the years, has also taken important steps by improving its technology infrastructure and with its professional and leading staff, and is now among the leading companies in the sector.

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